Allen Hoffman's memories and pictures of my school days

I was there from 1957 to 1962. These are all I can offer in way of photos. I think they were taken at 1960 garden fete. I am the doing semaphore.
The house masters were Mr R (NAFFI) Roberts, Mr E Butler, Mr W Jell. Tom and Ethel Messam were in charge.
The teaching staff were M Dadley (HEAD) Mr Adams and Mr Kemp.
The school held 56 boys, but must have gone down after I left. I went back in 1974 but found a housing estate there. I have been down more recently and taken my grandchildren down the beach to the caves near the Capt. Digby, mind you I found it tough getting down there now, I must be getting old as the kids had no problem.

1960 garden fete

1960 garden fete

Me (Allen Hoffman)

I have found these photos of the puppet theatre made by Mr Dadley for a Garden Fete, can't be sure of the year but it could be 1961 I think. We all made the puppets.

Me with Eric ButlerGeoff Ratford, Mr Butler, Malcolm Brabham, ??

Not sure where I am on cub's picture, but it could be me with 2 stripes, looking at Mr Sims

Two photos above taken at Coney Hill. Am I right in thinking you were there? If so, do you recognise anyone? I am sitting at potter wheel.

I, too, spent some time in the small dorm you mention, my bed was under window. I clearly remember listening to Jimmy Savill's Teen and Twenty Disc Club on Radio Luxemburg in there.
We also used to find loads of 303 rounds of ammunition in the garden between the TV room and the toilets in the yard. I think there was talk of building a swimming pool there after I left.
Dave Grigg was the driver and into ham radio. I was in touch with him for a couple of years after I left.