Welcome to what I call the official Whiteness Manor website.

My name is Peter Marshall and many of you may remember me by the name of "Weedy".

Whiteness Manor history starts in 1947 as a hotel which was owned by Mr and Mrs Pruce. They decided to sell the property in 1950, due to it being an unsuccessful venture. They sold to the Shaftesbury Society, who ran it as a disabled home / school for boys.

In the late 1960's the home and school was sold by the Shaftesbury Society to buliders for approximately £68,000 and pulled down to make way for 40 bungalows.

I first created the site in 2003 and decided to rewite it in March 2013. During that time many people have emailed me with pictures and their memories so I was able to continually update it so it's work in progess.

I need more pictures and any stories you may have in your possession so I can place these onto the storyboard. If you can help me, please contact me so that I can add them to this site, thus making it more of an interest for everyone to look at and see.

I have created a map of the home (as I remember it), and do so hope this brings back happy memories of your school days at Whiteness Manor.

Now you have found this site why don't you bookmark it for the future.