Ian Brown's memories and pictures of my school days

Me yes, Ian Brown. On a coach going to Victoria Coach station to go home.

I don’t know their names, I think the chap standing is called Alan? but I'm not sure. The chap in the wheelchair I remember because his chair could be propelled by one hand If you look closely at his wheelchair, on his right, side it has double rings that work either wheel independently or together with one hand (click here). Take a look at the writing on the side of the school bus (click here)

Steve Cannings & Vincent Tucker sat on the cricket pavilion on the sports field.

Stewart McRonald standing in the middle of the Sports field. To the right of this picture (out of shot) would be the cricket pavilion.

Mr Rees, Mr Dadly, and Mr Adams standing outside of the schoolhouse

I seem to remember that Mr Rees, first name was Archibold (which was of great amusement to us) was in charge of pupils of the senior class. He also ran a picture puzzle quiz each week for the class, and the winner would get a box of Rose’s chocolates. I never won.

Mr Dadly was the Headmaster of the schooling part of Whiteness. He took the junior class and I remember him as a stern kind of a man but very fair.

Mr Adams taught the intermediate class and was a fun sort of chap, who also took us for sports. I remember he had a very beautiful daughter that came to the school on a couple of occasions and that certainly got my interest of how the female differed from us boys.

Don’t know the names of the two chaps in this picture. The one standing putting on his tie was always doing a bunk from the home could be Arthur Mason. The one sitting down. bent over, had a big mop of curly blond hair and walked with underarm crutches. The boy in the background was, I think. called Graham.

Behind Graham is the Schoolhouse, and beyond that is the sports field.

On the back of this photo I have written Bill Ledgerwood and Robert Blanchford. I remember Robert Blanchford as he was in the same dormitory as me (Oak Field). I think Bill was in Seven Oaks dormitory.

Bill Ledgerwood       Chris Charman    David McGynty ( Known as Mac)

Picture taken outside the schoolhouse.

Clive Shipp, Ian Brown, Paul Hodge, Peter Marshall. I think the chap in the wheelchair was called John Norris?. Picture taken outside the school house.

Balba Singh, Timothy Drage and Alan Taylor (also called Tinker).

I think this is John Norris? and Graham Smith, I am not sure. I remember them at the school but they were in a different class and dormitory to me. They are standing outside the block that housed the toilets, a store room, Physiotherapy (Mrs Bagly) and the Library.

The two down drainpipes were used as goal posts when we had our school breaks.

Vincent Tucker outside the school Library.Vincent on the sports field.

I remember these two chaps as Michael Bennet (holding the bat) and Ronald Harrison.

On the back of the photo I have written Ben and Harry, this may have been there nicknames, I not sure? Michael was sport's mad, and Ronald came from Cockermouth from the North, it was the first I had ever heard of it, and I thought he was making it up. So that’s always been stuck in my memory.

Mr Dadly standing in front of his Ford Anglia

Mr Adams standing by a huge tree that was at the edge of the sports field where you would walk onto. When we played sports with Mr Adams we called him "Tads", I think that was the nickname or something similar to that. Be interesting if anybody else can remember.

Mr Rees and Tom. I don’t remember Toms surname.
Picture taken outside the schoolhouse entrance.


Mr Griffiths (Housemaster of Oakfields dormitory) my housemaster. He is standing outside of the print room door.

David Burton
Standing outside of the Library.

Micky Ward.  Outside the school house. I think the chap in the back is Clive Shipp

Peter Marshall on his tricycle

Staff that I remember:

Mr Drage
Mrs Drage
Mr Butler
Mr Roberts
Mr Griffiths
Mr Potts
Miss Chapman
Mr Hoye
Mr Hart

Senior Housemaster
Use to visit us, and always had a bag of sweets and drove a Volvo
German wash lady
Ground maintenance
Ground maintenance

Whiteness Manor School badge. Under the shield it says Courage and Confidence
The other badges are from the scouts that was run at Whiteness by Mr Butler and Mr Roberts.

Here is the picture when I was at Victoria Home. In the picture, taken in Daisy dormitory, is Timothy Horlocks, myself, Clive Amey, and I don't remember the boy in the wheelchair. Nurse Rose was in charge of this dormitory. This was a great home and I have many fond memories of the place.